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How to celebrate a birthday during the pandemic?

Apr 11, 2020

With thoughtful planning and a little creativity, however, you can still bring the birthday magic to a loved one’s special day during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here’s five ways to celebrate simply — while sticking a little closer to home — in the weeks ahead.

Gather virtually

Whether family and friends live near or far, a virtual get-together over video conference is an awesome way to connect while practicing safe social distancing. Hop on FaceTime, Zoom, Houseparty, Google Hangouts or Skype to see loved ones' smiling faces and, of course, sing “Happy Birthday.”

Send a special treat or gift in the mail

Self-isolation is no excuse for withholding presents from the birthday guy or gal. Lift their spirits by sending a favorite treat — whether that’s a cake, dessert, beer or wine — via an online order that can be delivered on their special day. Flowers or a gift would also make for a happy surprise.

Partake in a favorite activity

If you’re self-quarantining with someone celebrating a birthday, spend some quality time together for a favorite activity. Do they enjoy outdoor walks? Watching movies? Having game nights? Sitting around a fire pit in the backyard? Indulge in whatever brings them joy during these trying times.

Have a theme party

To really go all-out, consider celebrating your special someone’s birthday dinner with a festive theme — perhaps "camping" in an indoor tent, "movie night" with popcorn and surround-sound, or "Halloween" with candy and costumes. If you’re searching for inspiration, have a brainstorming session to consider their hobbies, go-to TV shows or favorite foods.

Better yet, if your loved ones live nearby and have access to wheels, let them in on the secret and organize a themed car parade on the big day.

Decorate the house

It wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without lots of decorations. Fill their room or the house with streamers, signs, balloons and their favorite tunes to set the mood just right.


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